RSAF Open House 2016

The RSAF Open House is here!

It was a very crowded event, with long queues for the shuttle buses.  But we got there early, and it was worth the wait.  The kids got to see planes and military equipment up close…

… like the F16 in Black Knight colours…

… and the Apache helicopter.

Queues to get up to the cockpit were long, but we got to go up a transport plane!

The highlight of the day was the air show!  We were thankful to get good seats at the grandstand, right in front of all the action.  We saw fighter jets scrambling and taking off as part of a mock intrusion scenario, with loud roars!

There were mock explosives as the attack helicopters simulated air-to-ground firing.

And the crowds were thrilled by the Red Lions display, cheering the parachuters as they landed in front of us!

A very memorable occasion indeed and we’ll be back at the next run!


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